Our history

Many expat families living in Switzerland share a similar story. We moved to Switzerland from the US six years ago. The transition was difficult and we were extremely busy with our work. Without our extended family here to help us with childcare, we needed to find a professional childcare solution. We often found that local childcare facilities could not meet our needs, and private organisations were very expensive.

Having experienced this gap in the market for quality childcare and nurseries for young children, we set out to create an environment where children could thrive and where we can support busy parents. It was a long journey, but we ultimately achieved our goal by opening Little Lambs Kindergarten, where children can laugh and learn.





We have created a fun environment but we also have a serious objective. Which is why we have defined our company's philosophy based on three-dimensional learning, using physical activity as a means to give your child all-round encouragement and support. Because we use three-dimensional learning to develop skills, all our classes promote growth in three dimensions – Get Moving!, Brain Boost! and Citizen Kid!

Get Moving
Develops flexibility, strength, balance and coordination through a wide range of physical activities

Brain Boost
Improves listening skills, concentration and decision-making skills that benefit the child far beyond the gym

Citizen Kid
Encourages sharing, teamwork, collaboration and leadership by spending time with your child’s friends and peers


Educational approach

Three-dimensional learning is directly linked to our educational approach. We have three magic words:

Physical condition, concentration, using the entire body

Structure, organisation, knowing what to do, repetition and application

Desire, need, usefulness, importance, ability, ‘I can’



We offer childcare for busy families, especially for families who do not have an extended family available to support them with childcare. We focus on the early years as this is the most important time in a child’s development and because parents who are trying to balance a career and family face particular challenges.

Through our work, we embody our fundamental values of love, empathy, patience and understanding and encourage every child to develop their own strengths and qualities. We believe that if our children fall in love with learning by having fun at the same time, this passion for learning will last a lifetime. They will have a growth-oriented mindset that will set them in good stead for whatever challenges lie ahead.