Day nursery

Open from 7 am to 7 pm

Our core hours are 8 am to 6 pm

Hourly childcare

We offer an hourly childcare service for parents who need childcare at short notice (e.g. to go shopping, to deal with unexpected events or in emergencies).

  • This service also applies to all children attending outside the main hours specified above.
  • Part hours charged (see price list for member and non-member rates)
  • Available on request

We have two age groups in our nursery.

Group 1 – small children aged 18 months to 3 years

Our group 1 class provides small children with a structured but fun environment in which they can learn, develop and enjoy the time before they reach pre-school age.

Group 2 – international pre-school for ages 3 to 4 years

This group welcomes children moving up from group 1 and children who are new to our centre. In either case, our international pre-school uses our three-dimensional learning approach to improve children’s literacy, numeracy and language skills (English and German) and to prepare them well for kindergarten. In our programme, learning is divided into different topic areas and children are encouraged to develop their own learning needs.

We offer age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities for both group 1 and group 2 following our three-dimensional educational approach:

A healthy body means a healthy mind! As every parent knows, children have enormous energy reserves. We offer physical activities such as climbing in the gym, walks, trips to the park, and movement and dance to help them burn off steam.

We believe that activity not only promotes physical health but also improves concentration and focus, and therefore furthers your child’s cognitive development.

We believe that structured and organised learning and play help children to develop self-discipline and build confidence. We encourage simple but important things such as tidying up and structured schedules for activities.
Our approach to learning includes repetition and applying the knowledge gained to help the child integrate what they have learned.

Physical and cognitive development need to be founded on belief. We want to give small children self-confidence by first showing them how to do something and then encouraging them to do it for themselves. This helps to develop the ‘can do’ mentality they will need for their future learning and development.

We know that playing and learning can also be tiring. That’s why we offer a quiet area for structured rest and nap times. Lunch is also available for an extra charge (see our price list) or you are welcome to bring food for your child with you. Please let us know about any special dietary requirements and allergies.